To be able to use the BassMute, your bass must meet the following requirements: The distance between the strings and the body must exceed 10.5 mm. ( 27/64" ) Since the width of the base plate of the BassMute is 15 mm, there should be enough space between the base plate of the bridge and the bridge pickup to accommodate.
The BassMute is designed for flat bodies. If your bass does not apply to these requirements, some minor adjustments may help to allow using the BassMute. First read the "Adjustments" section to check out.

The BassMute is supplied with double-sided adhesive tape to be installed. The tape is sufficient to hold the BassMute under normal circumstances, but in case of excessive heat of the sun or stage lights for example, there is a slight chance that it comes off. This will only be the case in the beginning after installation when the adhesive tape is still fresh. Just check it once and a while. If you feel that the BassMute peels off easily, than change the tape. Mind to use only good quality tape, the type that is enforced with a linen fabric. So if you don't want to drill any holes in the body, leave it fixed with the tape.

BassMute_manual.gif Small screws for a more drastic attachment are also supplied. We recommend using the adhesive tape in order to keep the surface of your basses' body free from any damaging. Only in case of a non-flat surface of the body you may need to use the screws. In this case you also have to fill the gap between the curved surface and the BassMute. Use a piece of plastic sheet for example.
If you manage to make a "tight fit" filler you can probably still use the adhesive type method.

Fixing the BassMute on your Bass.
It is easy to install the BassMute when you follow the description.
( Click the small pictures with your mouse! )

Start with de-tuning the strings and place the BassMute underneath. Keep the distance to the bridge in such a way that the foam comes close to the G-string saddle just before it is touching. Because this should apply for all mutes, you will have to trim the ends of the foam pointing towards the saddles. The ends should run parallel with the saddle positions.
Now move the BassMute as close as possible to the saddles.

It might be necessary to trim the foam if it runs into the bridge. The mutes should be moving free from the bridge  (See drawing above) Tune the G-string to be used as a reference. Put the lever in position 1 and move the BassMute until the rubber foam just touches the string. Use a piece of tape to mark this correct position. Remove the BassMute, peel off the protection from the adhesive tape and then firmly press it back onto the body in the marked spot underneath the strings.
After tuning the strings, you can adjust the individual mutes by using the Allen-wrench while keeping the lever in position 1. The pressure on the strings should not be too high, especially with the treble strings. If the pressure is set too high, the mutes will start to behave as if you would play flageolets on the string with your finger. For this reason, the mutes have been trimmed off increasing towards the treble strings. Experience the desired muting-effect by playing and re-adjusting until you are satisfied. Pulling the lever into position 2 will increase the amount of muting.

If you wish to attach the BassMute by using the supplied screws (not recommended) when you are satisfied with the adjustments, then first prepare the holes with a small 1.5 mm drill. You may then remove the adhesive tape and fix the BassMute back onto your Bass.

# If the BassMute will not fit under the strings on basses with bolt-on necks, you should change the neck-angle by putting a shim in the neck pocket just enough to increase the height of the saddles until it fits.
#If the bridge is too high, then either take the reverse action or use a piece of plastic sheet with the proper thickness under the BassMute

Muting the low B on 5&6-string basses
You can use the BassMute to mute only the low B using lever position 1. In order to do so, you have to adjust the BassMute for muting all strings with the lever in position 2. Then switch back to 1 and adjust the low B mute in such a way that it just mutes the string. This way you can keep the low B from humming during playing normally.

If you fixed the BassMute with the tape and you ever want to take it off, than be careful! We experienced that the tape was holding far better then we expected and we had to apply some force. Work gently by pulling on the lever in the zero position. When you keep the pressure, you will see that the BassMute will slowly come off.
Do not force, otherwise you might damage your bass when it suddenly comes off. (Some warm air from a hair-drier may be needed to help soften the adhesive) The remaining adhesive can be removed with 'Sticker Remover', white spirit or turpentine. Be careful with lacquer damaging solvents, so check before use on a harmless spot such as the controls cavity!!

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